Special Side Bunny scene - translated

Raws & Translations by Amazakura     Subtitled by me

Note: I realise that the subtitles are a bit difficult to see at times, due to the basic editing program I used. I intend to fix that in due time. If necessary, the translations can be read here. So please just try to enjoy it for now ~

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~Barnaby Brooks Jr and Ouroboros Bunny~

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Can I just point this out…



This was in Kotetsu’s interview

Could you tell us about what types do you prefer?

I like a woman who will scold me when I’m slacking and provide kindness when the times are tough. I don’t have any types that I dislike, there’s something good about everyone, right?

Is there one particular episode that makes you glad that you have teamed up with Barnaby?

Well, I like when Bunny teaches me the details about the way our suits work. I’m totally hopeless when it comes to this detailed stuff. But Bunny always scolds me “You could have read the instructions for yourself, you know.”


^this. *giggle*