Amnesia Later profiles (Shin)



Age: 18

Height: 179cm

Birthdate: 30th November

Star sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: A

Family: Father and Mother

Hobby: Card games

Club activities: Track and field (mid-relay runner)

Favorite food: Sweet fried egg

Disliked food: Celery

Favorite animal: Dog

Amnesia Later CG Pack (includes sprites)


Please be careful when posting the images online. Some people are still waiting for their copy of the game and DON’T want to be spoiled. This is for your personal enjoyment only. Click here.

Since the game ISO is out, here’s the CG pack. In addition to the CGs/sprites, I’ve attempted to piece together some CGs to create larger versions of them. I tried my best. If you can do a better job, by all means, add them to the pack and create your own version! Thanks.

Ah, so this is where I got the folder from! OAOlll (I hope you don’t mind me uploading some of it earlier… *scurries back to posts to add a source at least*)

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so i finished ikki’s route (spoilers!)


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Ah, I almost forgot about the crossdressing thing… *giggles*

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For the love of life and life after it: Ikki and Kent profile



Age: 22

Height: 182cm

Birthdate: 1st June


Blood type: AB

Family: Father, Mother, 19 year old younger sister

Hobbies: Darts, Billiards, Table tennis, Kent’s math puzzles(srsly?!)

Club activities: Previously in tennis club,…

For the love of life and life after it: Toma and Ukyo's profiles




Height: 181cm

Birthdate: 12th April

Star sign: Aries

Blood type: B

Family: Father and mother (I realise lots of them are only children)

Hobbies: Basketball, cycling, surfing the net, TV games, reading, cooking

Club activities: Soccer, broadcasting club, archery club, Newspaper…

Amnesia Later: Kent- After Story Route PART 1


I’m doing a detailed route explanation for Kent so that my darling Len can read about her husbando.

So this will be long and full of spoilers both written and CG

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Some more caps…

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Non weirdo clothes

I couldn’t avoid blushing when they first show up…


Ukkyo…. /dies

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Yup… it’s not going to take much to make Amnesia R18… >.>

Yup… it’s not going to take much to make Amnesia R18… >.>

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Ukyo’s Amnesia Later CGs

The most prominent scene is UraUkyo’s.
While Ukyo is the personality that is ruled by his heart, UraUkyo is (mostly) ruled by his mind. And he now has no reason at all to harm the heroine. Would you forgive a man who’ve lost so much for her sake? After all Ukyo is still Ukyo, it doesn’t matter which side - both of them always loved her.

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