Another otome game, another psycho bishounen boyfriend? <3

I got Amnesia lately. I saw Toma. I fell in love with him. And I think I got on his bad side, because…

[Amnesia  and major BBL HATOFUL spoilers]

…he not only drugged me, he put me in a big cage in his room.;; He asked “Are you scared?”


I’VE BEEN DECAPITATED AND DISMEMBERED AND MY LIMBS DISTRIBUTED TO MY CLASSMATES AFTER DYING HORRIBLY OF A DEADLY VIRUS and I’m still fond of the guy who did that. HELL NO I’M NOT SCARED! 8D I’m… actually happy because he went to great lengths to trap and drug me. And really confused why he’s doing it. But I’m supposed to be scared. Must be the results of Shuu’s training, hahahaha! I’M NOT DEAD, I’M ALIVE FOR ONCE. @#$%#$% YEAAAAAH! Oh god, I’ve gone wierd from playing all these otome games.

And drugs, why haven’t Shuu used any of those on Hiyoko? :> I’ve always wondered how a hunter gatherer can be defeated by a fat bird… Perhaps she was nicked with a drugged scapel, that’s why she couldn’t fight back… a true ninja doctor uses his drugs well.