High-Octane Mega Man Anime Intro

The Blue Bomber and about 2 billion Robot Masters square off in this fan made homage to the “Mega Man Gigamix” comic series.

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Mighty No. 9 Main Theme - by Manami Matsumae

Can you imagine the meeting where they came up with the idea to add the Wii Fit trainer?


Development team guy #1: Ok, so here’s the deal. We need to add a new female character as well. We need to think this through.
Rest of development team: *incoherent mumbling an whispering*
Development team guy #2: *snort*
Development team guy #2: *tries to hold back laughing but fails miserably.*
Rest of development team: *stares at him like he went nuts*
Development team guy #2: *laughs unstoppably as he pounds the desk with one fist*
Development team guy #1: May I ask what’s so funny?
Development team guy #2: *in tears*
Development team guy #2: Th- THE WII FIT TRAINER *keeps laughing*
Rest of development team: ………..
Development team guy #1: Fucking genius.

Naww, I think they’re trying to boost the popularity of wii fit.

(And Megaman is just to placate us who’re still annoyed at the loss of MML3 and Online and no real game for 25th annniversary *growl* With Project X Zone’s inclusion of X and Zero, it’s working…. temporarily)

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New Challenger Approaching!

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I return to the bike horn midi scene without any warning, Here is The opening theme from MEGA MAN 2 in bikehorns to celebrate his initiation into smash bros


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Y’know, I always had the impression that Megaman had actual physical eyes and they weren’t just projected images… but…. golly, his eyes are flickering like a TV screen?

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By くろいの


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Possibly my favorite scene in MMZ 2, definitely my favorite stage music.



Possibly my favorite scene in MMZ 2, definitely my favorite stage music.

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