Motorcity is only a few votes away!


So um, I don’t usually do this, but since the Fanterns and Sidekicks called out for the Motorcity fandom to help when they were in need, I figures it’s only fair we do the very same for them. Right now on SMGO, Motorcity has 90% of the votes it needs to go into talks about funding a new season, it only needs about 250 more and there are more than enough of us to get that done. So just click the link, log in, and vote. You only need to give 5 seconds of gratitude for another fanbase in need.

omg plz I loved this show T_T (Also TRON:Uprising)

Ah, it’s 100% now

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Because someone had to do it.

yes that name combo is the best thing I’ve ever come up with.

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Early concept art of Jacob by Junpei Takayama.

Filenames: Jacob_Goat

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Wow, 200+ notes in less than 20 minutes for the first batch…

You guys really like your ref sheets and turnarounds, huh?

Most of these you can find on DrawB4UEat’s tumblr blog (one of Titmouse’s character designers) and Brandon Cuellar’s site (who designs the cars, mechs and bots of the show.)


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and so they all proceed to dress up cutely and go kick butt at the same time


and so they all proceed to dress up cutely and go kick butt at the same time

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birdbrainblue: in which I have Animation Anxiety


Hi there, 1,845 followers of mine! I hope you’re having a good day.

I need to ask all of you a small favor.

See, there’s this new cartoon airing on Disney’s side channel, Disney XD. It’s called Motorcity. You’ve probably heard of it, because Bryan Konietzko pimped it out on his tumblr back in…

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Watching Motorcity’s first episode.

*grins* This kind of crazy shit is rare and long overdue… pacing could do a little tweaking to give a little more breathing space now and again but it’s pretty stylish. I can’t believe viewership’s so low.

…*laugh* How in the world does he even DRIVE!? Look at those controls!

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How the fuck do I draw your face, sir. (Using icons used at motorcitymutt as a base, hope you don’t mind! Just easier and nicer than finding my own, since I’d probably look for expressions that’d be easy for me to draw, might be some in the ones that are seen on there that are challenging and would be fun to draw. :>)

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